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Christian Westbrook


All is Vibration

Music has always been the anchor point in my life. I was brought up on the piano. Later, I dabbled in trumpet, before I moved on to the acoustic and electric guitar.

In my formative years, I played in various rock bands, until I hit a turning point in my life – I stopped what I was doing and went to become a Reiki master. While becoming a healer in my chosen modality, I also studied the frequencies and modalities of sound healing. I frequently use both techniques together in my own healing work.

My music is a fusion of my early influences of classical and rock music, and my later developments of electronic-experimental music. It is my goal to make the compositions both awesome to listen to, and effective for healing work.

Specific techniques are used to help induce a meditative or trance-like state. Each track has a specific purpose for energetic healing work, and you can find a description for each song detailing some of the techniques used. Some of the tracks require headphones to achieve the best result.

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